ITPOINT highly values your privacy and implements all possible measures to protect the privacy of your private data. Internet booming brings questions concerning the nature, use, and confidentiality of customers’ data collected. We ensure you that we apply our ultimate measures to protect your data and privacy while collaborating with us.

In addition to this general online privacy policy, you may receive notice of other terms that will apply to the particular promotions or services.

Personally identifiable data

ITPOINT does not share, disclose or sell any personally identifiable data (including your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address) collected online on the ITPOINT website with other 3rd party’s companies or organizations for non- ITPOINT marketing or promotional purposes. As this information is a crucial part of our business, it will be treated as our assets in the context of consolidation, sale, or other corporate restructuring or lawsuits.

How Your Data Is Being Treated

ITPOINT uses the personally identifiable data we collect on our website or web services generally to deliver you the service(s) you have requested or provide you with other promotional services you would probably be interested in. For instance, your email address will be used to maintain communication with you to provide you with all the necessary information you may need, and, at any moment, if you will decide to terminate the communications with ITPOINT, you can easily do so.

Legal requirements are also taken into consideration concerning personally identifiable data, and we strongly believe that in case of some fraud activity from some individuals who could endanger the public safety or our customers’ safety or interfere with ITPOINT’s services, disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal actions against those individuals.

How The Data Collected

ITPOINT collects data online by requesting some personal info from your side, for example, when you order/purchase a product/service, respond to a survey, offer, or other promotion. A customer’s name, address (e-mail), and telephone number are the most important pieces of data, but we might as well request other data, based on the service(s) being ordered/purchased.

Occasionally, the company may allow you to participate in promotions or some specific online events or contests on our website. Such promotions, events, and contests will also be ruled by specific conditions mentioned in these promotions, events, and contests. If you decide to participate in such events, registration with us (organizer) will be a mandatory option, which will require you to provide certain personal data. Participation in these promotions, events, and contests is completely voluntary and you, therefore, always have a choice whether or not to register and provide your data. We will use provided data to notify winners and award prizes. You will also be offered to receive any other additional info from us upon your registration. If you decide to join, we will use this data to send you the information described throughout this Privacy Policy.

Security matters

We do use encryption, firewalls, and other high-end and modern security technologies to protect your data and prevent its leakage or improper use. For example, while using some of ITPOINT’s features you will need to submit a password or some other type of authenticating data.