About Us

The company's principles!

Our company is working according to the following principles:

  • Honesty and respect are the basis of our relationships.
  • Customer orientation is the basis of our success The desires and needs of each client.
  • Quality is the basis of our offer
  • Professionalism is the basis of our expertise.
  • Support and assistance of our customers is the basis of our warranty.
  • Round-the-clock technical support will be provided.
  • An extremely forward-thinking and insightful partner with the ability to find new things and improve the present. Get the most up-to-date and practical advice on choosing, changing and using software and related technologies.
  • Strong relationships that justify trust and expectations. The company complies with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. And the client’s rights and freedoms are of the utmost importance.
  • Continuous growth and development – the basis of our confidence New technologies are available. Latest versions of programs and equipment.
  • We are official partners of Microsoft. We provide a valid agreement for the official documentation, warranty and appropriate quality level.
  • Professional solutions for easy or complicated tasks. Experts in IT fields work with us, with a deep knowledge of the corresponding tools and technologies.
  • Support of our experts not only during the selection and customization of software solutions but also afterwards.
  • Global vision and local flexibility are the basis of our strengths.

Innovative logistics

Competitors are waiting while you act with our operating system. We guarantee delivery of the product within a day to your home.

Expert's choice

The right solution when you need to save money and time immediately. Your PC will be up to 100% more efficient and your company's turnover will be doubled.

Cost optimization

Product costs will be reduced by an average of 15% to 20%.

24/7 helpdesk support

Our IT specialists will help to solve non-standard problems.


We are happy when our clients and partners realize the benefits and buy licensed software from us.

When they enjoy convenient purchase, fast delivery and activation, and the work of our specialists. When our customers are not distracted from their main tasks and save time to reach new heights. And we’ll give them all the tools to achieve their goals!



  • Comprehensive 24/7 technical support, help with activation and deployment of systems.
  • Instant shipment physically and electronically
  • A free replacement of faulty licenses
  • Up to 50% lower than the market prices for main products
  • Delivery of equipment with software
  • Ordering specialized software at short notice
  • A small company that hears the wishes and requests of the customer
  • Legality of software – the company will pass all inspections of regulatory authorities
  • More than 10000 positive feedback on the marketplaces
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